Tornado Watch…



Kunoichi (Ninja) became a member of our family on April Fool’s day. Little sister to Monkey and a baby girl to us.

Whole 30: Day 1

black coffee…no cream 😦


someone swiped my work laptop. tis going to be a productive day.

My LED Christmas Tree…love!

bad girl

Came across this guy in the office kitchen and just couldn’t resist.

I have been eating Paleo for the past two month. Basically getting all the processed and unhealthy crap out of my diet. This includes sugars and carbohydrates, which this packet is chuck full of.

For reasons beyond explanations, today I just couldn’t walk away like I have done so many times over the past few month. Our office is full of holiday spirit givers who bring cheesecake brownies, gingerman marshmallows, peanut brittle. This is a war zone for someone who is trying to stay away from temptations.

Of all the things. I couldn’t put down this chocolaty powder. Before realizing what was happening, I was at my desk with hot water, ready to go.

The first couple is sips tasted awesome, I’m not gonna lie. Really, really satisfying.

However, after consuming about one third of the cup, the drink lost it’s appeal. It tasted so painfully sweet that it felt like my teeth were hurting. So, I tossed it.


What is the point? I guess there really isn’t one, other than make wise choices about what you consume. Read labels. It’s alright to give in and have something if your really craving it. Just make sure it’s really worth it. Stop mindlessly shoveling crap into your mouth. The moment you realize that you’re not even enjoying it anymore. Stop. You’re not going to get a prize for finishing.

paleo cookies

flourless and sugarless, but not tasteless.
main ingredients are apples, coconut and almonds.